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Success Stories

We wouldn't have found each other...

Tom and Becky “We can't thank Angela enough for matching us up. I had almost given up on finding love again till Angela matched Tom and i up. We have been dating each other for a little over 6 months. We have had the greatest adventures together. At our first meeting we both knew we wanted to see each other again. I know It's sounds crazy. But we haven't had any disagreements accept who loves who more. We wouldn't have found each other and had this much fun if we hadn't been matched up. We continue to enjoy being together laughing and smiling and can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Happily matched.”

— Tom and Becky

She immediately put me at ease

“When I met Angie she immediately put me at ease. I could tell she was compassionate about what she was doing. I spent almost two hours with her and in that time we developed a friendship, not only on a professional level but a personal level. We had many things in common and she let me know that I could contact her at any time in the future with any concerns or questions. She was always good about getting right back with me and answering any questions.”

— Donna

Finding that special person ... is an adventure

“My friend Angela is no doubt one of the most pleasant and friendly people that I have ever met. Her personally commands your attention and will make you feel that you have known her for some time. Working with her in my endeavor to acquire a sole mate has been to say the least an interesting and most enjoyable trip. Finding that special person that can inspire you to become the best you can be is an adventure.”

— Dave

Angie possesses the rare combination...

“Angie possesses the rare combination of intelligence, business sense, articulation skills, good looks, and phenomenal social skills. Her ability to quickly gauge personalities and adjust her approach is powerful in closing business. I have found her to be both professional and responsive to specific needs.”

— Barry

...assets that, I believe, one cannot "teach" another...

“To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to convey my thoughts about Angie Harris. When one meets Angie for the first time, they are instantly drawn to know that she is a very warm, compassionate person. She has the ability, when confronted with difficult situations, to create a comfortable setting, then resolve whatever the issue is with her fantastic communication skills.

One of Angie's greatest natural assets that, I believe, one cannot "teach" another, is her amazing talent of being able to develop a high level of trust with a person within a short time of meeting her; It would take most people a lot longer to do so, if it is ever accomplished at all.

Angie comes across as a very intelligent, competent person who is able to assess others in a short amount of time while bringing out that person's positive qualities; another great natural asset.”

Sincerely, Tom

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