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Professional Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

The most obvious difference between using an online service and using a relationship specialist is that you never know who you are engaging with when you use online. It will always be a nameless faceless entity without the human connection. It’s unfortunate but not everyone is honest or genuine with their online persona. You can appear be whomever you want behind a computer. There are times that people are not necessarily ready to start dating but they still create a profile to see what is out there. Unbeknownst to you, they are just not that serious about meeting anyone and so they don’t respond to your winks, messages or attempts to be noticed. Online has also turned into a playground for scammers, and pretenders preying on lonely hearts. They post inaccurate or outdated photos and know just what to say to make you smile, but time and time again we hear how even the savviest of people have been scammed. It seems you invest time and emotion in getting to know someone to only find out once you meet them in person they are not who you thought you were talking with or the picture you had of them was from 10 years ago.

As professional Matchmaker, I personally meet everyone face to face to verify their identification and screen them for not only their intentions but their readiness for a serious relationship. I also conduct a criminal background check on each individual. The safety of my clients comes first! Due to the process that each individual goes through in an approximately 90-minute interview, their sincerity in finding a companion is not questioned.

At first the concept of online dating seems wonderful, the cost is less expensive and you see an abundant amount of possibilities, however a lot of them are not local singles even if the profile is accurate. You may contact someone to find out they are a few hundred miles away. Some people enjoy online due to the fact that it is used more of a social stomping ground like Facebook. It turns into something to monopolize your time or to help with those lonesome moments. Most of my clients find it to be overwhelming and time consuming. My clients are serious about finding a companion and the repetitive profile searches quickly become redundant.

Online dating can sometimes become confusing without a clear plan or guidance. All too often people get stuck in the emailing or phone call game. You feel as if you are getting to know the person but so much is lost through text or the lack of personal contact and it quickly dies out. Talking to someone over the phone is great after you have met them, they are exactly how they presented themselves and you know the chemistry is there. Beforehand, you have an image in your mind and if that person doesn’t live up to it once you meet them, you have wasted weeks or even months on your quest for happiness. I always encourage people to meet for a short first meeting right away to see if the chemistry is there. Even with all of the computer compatibility testing out there, none can predict chemistry. If you are online keep initial conversation focused on finding out the basics quickly, and if your comfortable with that then set up an actual date. Long introductory emails and calls may be counter-productive and off-putting, save conversation for a date.

Both online and professional matchmakers use compatibility testing. Compatibility testing can be traced back to the early 1920’s. An April 1924 issue of Science and Invention magazine ran an article by Hugo Gernsback, the magazine’s publisher, which examined the different “scientific” ways to determine if a marriage will succeed or fail. Since then, the tests have evolved to include psychological and social factors however without the human interpretation they mean nothing. By hiring a professional matchmaker you have someone reviewing the feedback from you and your date to see if there is coaching you would benefit from. Sometimes people are not aware that they are doing something that may be a turn off for the opposite sex. As your personal matchmaker I also use your feedback to fine-tune your searches. There are many times that you continue to look for the same thing in your companion because it is familiar but it might not be right. Your matchmaker will always be honest with you because at the end of the day we both want the same thing, a happy ever after story.

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