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Dating Tips

Be confident.
The number #1 way to feel comfortable in any situation is to always appear confident. Regardless of where you are, people are drawn to confidence. If you give off the attitude you are amazing, your date will think so too.

Happy people attract other happy people. Don’t leave home without your smile, just like you wouldn’t leave home without your keys or phone. Never go anywhere without your smile.

Be stylish.
Put some effort into it. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the more you will be able to engage your date. Looking nice also shows that you care, so make sure you are dressing appropriately for the venue! The way you look is a reflection of your personality and grooming is a ritual that must be followed religiously before meeting your date for the first time. As easy as it is to start becoming a little more relaxed around someone after seeing them a few times, never stop putting your best foot forward.

Remember you’re smart.
In addition to your natural beauty, your brain is an important part of you. Men want to date an intellectually stimulating woman. Women want to date a man that can ask questions and listen while showing knowledge. Do not make it all about yourself, ask questions but do not interrogate your date.

Mind your manners.
The next thing to remember is to be polite and well-mannered. No one enjoys being around someone who is rude. You should always be nice to others because kindness is contagious. Don’t just practice this with your date but to others around you as well.

Be positive.
To ensure that you feel comfortable in any dating situation, remember to always be positive. No one wants to be around a negative person who is a downer. If you’re optimistic and have good energy, others will notice and want to be around you.

Stand up straight.
Good Posture is sometimes forgotten. You should always stand up straight and appear proud. You own your body, so let everyone know that it’s yours. Do you ever see a person with great posture and think they look very statuesque? Well, if you’re mindful of your posture that can be you!

Enjoy each other’s company.
The purpose of a first date is to see if you like the person sitting across from you. Don’t write someone off after date one just because you didn’t like his or her hair/shoes/how he held a fork/she was blonde and you like brunettes, etc. It will only end up hurting you in the end. When you can find things you really enjoy and admire about a person, serious chemistry is usually not far behind!

No complaining or negativity.
Job, kids, aches and pains, bad date experiences…coming off negative will ruin any possibility of forming a connection. Chemistry starts with being around a fun and positive person.

No discussing your ex.
You would never interview for a new job and spend the whole time bad-mouthing your last employer. The same rules apply on the first date! Three dates minimum before discussing past dates or an ex-spouse!

Do not dominate the conversation.
Remember, we were given two ears and one mouth! Maintain a balance between talking and listening.

Talk about fun topics.
Bring out the lighter side of your personality, and talk about the fun things you have been up to lately. Ask about favorite pastime and hobbies. Discuss the things you two have in common such as music, books, or the theater. Share some of your bucket list, perhaps trips you would like to go on, or activities you would like to do.

The most important tip I can provide you is to have FUN!

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