Ready to get back out there?

May 28, 2021 0 By Angela

Are you experiencing Covid baggage or anxiety when thinking of starting to date?
Romance used to involve an intimate dinner and drinks in a crowded restaurant followed by a good night kiss but that came abruptly to an end and was replaced with social distancing, mask-wearing, and even stay-at-home orders. 
About 6-months into the pandemic some people stepped out of isolation and resumed dating however it consisted of zoom meetings and outdoor dates at the parks and eateries with sidewalk seating. 
Mask stayed on until both people agreed that they felt safe enough to move things to a more intimate level. Sometimes that consisted of both people receiving a covid test. 
Now the hottest pick-up line is “I’m Vaccinated”.
Just like the common topics that two people discuss when getting to know each other e.g. marriage, kids, goals, etc. now they must discuss if they choose to be vaccinated or not. 
After spending a year with life on hold people seem to be more clear on what matters to them and people are being more transparent about their personal boundaries and had time to rethink their deal-breakers. 
Nebraska Expert Matchmakers is seeing more people reaching out and removing the holds that they had previously placed on their programs in search of Mr. and Ms. Right. 
Remember these simple tips to shake off the anxiety of putting yourself back out there to date.
1) Start dating when you are ready. You are the only one that can decide that the time is right. 
2) Set goals and have clear and realistic expectations. Remind yourself that it is a huge first step simply making yourself available.
3) Break the ice. It’s ok to let your date know that you are nervous and maybe a little rusty after not dating for over a year. 
4) Remember how to flirt. After talking to your dog or cat for the last year, you might want to practice flirting, eye contact and with the mask being off, SMILE!
5) Discuss how the Covid lockdown affected you. Do not make this the only topic but it’s okay to discuss if you had to work from home, vaccines, if you had the virus and one time, or knew someone that did. Use it to start the conversation flowing. We all experienced this and it can serve as some common ground. 
6) Find your confidence. Do what you need to do to feel good about yourself again. Find a gym, buy a couple of new date outfits, visit your hairdresser/barber. 
7) Avoid Catfish scams. As people became lonely in isolation, some people turned to online dating sites to have people to talk to. Unfortunately when that happened scammers took advantage of people’s loneliness. After 17 years of being a professional matchmaker, I have heard more horror stories from people coming in for consultations in the last 6 months than before. This has made our process of meeting everyone face to face, verifying identification, screening, and qualifying our clients even more important. We add that extra security for our clients and watch out for their best interest. 
Summer dating is going to be even more amazing this year with so many positive changes and with the self-evaluations that people have had the time to do!