It’s always fishing season with online dating….

July 13, 2020 0 By Angela

Being a professional matchmaker I have heard countless stories of people that have been catfished and while some of the circumstances and motives may be different, the warning signs are always similar. 

With so many people turning to online to meet singles through social distancing, catfishers are using all sorts of bait to catch their meal ticket.

A catfisher is an individual who uses the internet and social media sites to lure people into a scam. Most catfishers are looking for financial gain by developing an online relationship and eventually asking you for money.

Beware! Here are some common signs that you have encountered a catfisher. 

1) The relationship progresses very quickly. If within a few weeks and even days sometimes, they are telling you that they love you and calling you pet names. 

2) They refuse to meet face to face or even video chat. If their excuse is that they are unable to video chat because their camera is broken or due to other circumstances that seem to change to keep them from being able to be seen in live time. 

3) If their job always keeps them abroad. If every time you turn around they are in a different location or being sent to another country to work.

4) Ask for money. If they start hinting or asking for money or gift cards for any reason.  Anything financial, run!

5) Seems perfect for you. These catfishers have mastered what people want to hear and have no problem spending countless hours making sure you feel special and are hooked.

6) If social media sites are not personal. If they have social media sites but they are new or do not have many friends that they interact with. If all of their pictures are professional and no candid photos with anyone else.

7) Broken English.

8) The story doesn’t add up. Listen to your gut, not your heart, your gut. If something seems off, it probably is. If you have to keep convincing yourself that their explanations make sense, something is wrong. 

9) Pictures. If the only pictures you have seen of them are the same ones that they have on the site you met them on.

10) They use emergencies. If they mention medical emergencies or family illnesses, you can plan that they will be using that as a reason for you to send money.

11) They say they are unable to speak on the phone. If they say they do not have a cell phone or are unable to speak very long at one time due to the area that they are in or other circumstances. They may also ask you to send them a phone or pay their bill so they can talk to you.

Nebraska Expert Matchmakers takes the time to verify that people are who they say they are and that they are in our service with good intentions, but not everyone chooses to use a professional matchmaker.

If you choose to do this on your own, be smart and remember, if it feels wrong….It’s wrong. If anyone asks you any personal information or for you to send them anything at any time, delete, block, and move on!