When dating starts to feel like a second job…​.

February 20, 2019 0 By Angela

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, is that dating can be tough. It can unfortunately, make people start to doubt themselves and ask the question “what is wrong with me?”

Online dating apps have certainly made it easier to get you back out on the market however, easier is not always better. When you first start, it can be exciting to create your profile but then it turns into a lot of going through profiles, swiping left and right, sending messages and going through the ones that you receive, which leads you to go through more profiles. You are trying to market yourself the best way you know how and then if you are lucky, you may meet someone face to face after trying to research who you have been talking to; then after all of that, you actually get to meet a real live person. This process can be extremely time-consuming, exhausting and quickly becomes frustrating especially for a busy professional.

When dating starts to feel like a second job, people normally seek out better options and come to someone like myself, a professional matchmaker. It is more expensive than online sites but your investment is well worth it when you can ultimate the grueling process of reviewing profiles and go straight to meeting quality singles. This is the same concept of going to a realtor when searching for a home. Of course, you have the option of relying on friends, searching online or even driving up and down every street hoping to run into your perfect fit, but going to a professional that has a listing of homes that they can easily match you with your desired preferences is a lot less stressful on you.

With your full-time job, friends, family and other commitments, people rarely have an extra ten to twenty hours a week to invest in finding a compatible partner. There is one thing that you can never get back in life, and that is time. Isn’t the time you use online, better-used getting to know special someone? Use the minutes that you have wisely, and make the most out of life. Life is too short to settle for less than you deserve.

When working with a matchmaker, the first relationship you have is with your relationship specialist. Your matchmaker will quickly get to know you better than some of your family and be a confidential sounding board throughout your journey.

Not everyone needs to hire a relationship specialist to be successful in finding their match, but it is really helpful if you want more of a personalized, premium experience where you get a partner throughout the entire process.