Do and do not’s for a first date…

February 18, 2019 0 By Angela

There are a few key things that you should do on a first date and there are several things you should avoid doing. Too often people make these common mistakes and not realize that they are sending the wrong signal to the opposite sex.

First dates can get repetitive if you have been single and searching for a while. Talk about something meaningful and do not become robotic or seem scripted in your questions and answers.

Read how the date is going, and pay attention to your body language. Are you sitting with your arms crossed? Relax, and don’t appear closed off. Pay attention to the direction that your feet are pointing. Generally speaking, people that are interested in the person they are with, sit towards the person that they are talking with. Always sit facing your date and try to avoid sitting at the bar for your meeting.

Do not drink too much! There is no need to have more than a couple of drinks. Nobody likes a sloppy, slurring date.

Be yourself, and do not pretend to be anything that you’re not. That includes pretending that you have certain interest or passions that you don’t.

Alway’s present the best version of you. Make an effort into getting ready for the date, and be energetic and enthusiastic.

Anticipate a second date. Do not doubt yourself and be positive and confident with who you are.

Do not expect it to be love at first site. Chemistry is a funny thing. Yes, it can happen right away, but sometimes it comes in time. Don’t dismiss the idea of your date being the one if fireworks don’t go off right away.

Don’t forget to listen. You have two ears for a reason, use them!

Remember to say thank you. Be well mannered the entire time you are out, and not only to your date but to people around you.

Do NOT be late! Nothing is worse than showing up late. You are letting your date think that their time is not as important as yours.

Laugh if what your date says is funny. Do not be one of those people that laugh at everything your date says. It seems phony and insincere.

Do not have a potty mouth! Swearing sounds unintelligent and trashy, especially on a first date. Watch your mouth!

Stay off your phone and do not have it laying on the table and definitely not in your hands. Keep it put away!

Do not talk about your ex or any other topic that could be portrayed as negative such as politics and religion.

In short, be positive, appreciative, attentive, and interesting. You will find that you will soon be off the roller coaster of dating and see more second and third dates. Your goal is not to go on as many first dates as you can in a month, but find that companion that you wish to grow and share your life with.