Confessions of a Matchmaker…

February 14, 2019 0 By Angela

Confession #3

I know that most people would think that as a matchmaker I would love Valentine’s Day, and as I understand that, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Being in the industry of bringing people together for fifteen years, and seeing all of the single people struggle through this time has made me dislike it even more. I wish that I could have every single one of my clients in a committed relationship on this day, but it’s just not how things work.

I like the idea of Valentines Day, just not what it has turned into. It is a completely commercialized day that has been designed to make single people feel alone and empty.  Don’t pine away for something different or be deceived to think that you’ll be happier once things change. Be grateful for your present moment and make the most of your reality. Wishing, hoping, or daydreaming for things to be different isn’t going to make you happier. Take stock in your life and remember that the day, that is supposed to be the celebration of love is not just about a significant other. For me, when I was single, I knew that with my children, grandkids, family, and friends, I had more love than I knew what to do with, and honestly, it felt good.

I understand that with Valentines Day falling on a Thursday, most people are working and it is unavoidable of seeing the dreaded flower delivery guy walk in and ask for someone else, and to feel that pit-drop in your stomach, but be happy for your co-worker and try not to let yourself fall in to the depths of despair. Do something for yourself, get together with a group of friends and have a nice lunch or dinner or a nice relaxing manicure and pedicure to take your mind off of it, if you can’t seem to shake the feeling.

If you are in a relationship, too many people use this day to gauge how much they are loved by their partner. They compare what their friend’s boyfriends or husband got them to what they received, and always expect more. I find that women do this much more than men. Most men that I talk with would rather not even acknowledge the day because they realize the expectation of most women is high. Sadly enough, it’s not even because women want something extravagant or romantic, but so they can prove to their friends how much they are loved and what a great man they have. A loving relationship should be treasured every day and not on a day that has been turned into a florist and candy manufactures dream. I like flowers as much as the next woman, but surprise me throughout the year, and not just on Valentine’s day!

For myself, the only way my husband and I will celebrate the day, is to have a nice dinner at home after we both get off from work, but to be honest with you, we tend to eat dinner every evening, so besides saying Happy Valentines Day, and having our normal discussions on what we should have for dinner, it’s just another day.

Smile, hold your head up high, love and be loved by the people in your life and have a simply fantastic Valentines Day!