What men are looking for…

February 6, 2019 2 By Angela

There are certain things that men look for on a first date. It’s been said that most men know within twenty minutes if he would consider going on a second date.  So often, you go out on a first date and you think things are going well,  then you hear little to nothing from him or different excuses that he is either too busy, back with an ex or simply isn’t ready to date. You want to believe any one of these excuses because you do not want to think it is something that you did wrong or that he just wasn’t into you. 

There are certain things that men look for when meeting a prospective partner for the first time. The very first thing a man will see is your smile. Men look for a woman that is inviting and not cold and rigid; don’t be afraid to show your softer side. 

Men love a confident woman. A woman that does not doubt herself, a woman that is proud of who she is. An independent woman but not an overbearing one. Being so independent that you become easily offended by him opening the door or pulling out your chair will be a huge turn-off. Men want a woman of power but still wants to feel like the man.

You certainly need to know how to take a compliment and be able to reciprocate.  As much as you want to hear that the effort you put into getting ready has not gone unnoticed, a man wants to hear the same things. Tell him that he looks nice, you love his eyes or his smile, but be sincere about it.

It always becomes a big red flag for men if women complain or air their drama on the first date. Venting about work, your ex, your children will send him into a tailspin. Women unfortunately already have the reputation of nagging, if you do it on the first date, a man will see nothing but a future of it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Keep your date light and fluffy!

It quickly becomes problematic when the conversation becomes boring or forced. Men want a woman that can answer a question as well as ask them.  Find common interest but again, be sincere. Men can quickly tell if you start talking about something you know nothing about. You should always keep your interest in him and the discussion that you are having. Remember to always put your phone away and place it on vibrate so you are not tempted to look at it. 

The age old question is “should you go dutch on the first date”? Majority of the time if a man has asked you to a nice restaurant he is not expecting you to pay, however, if you have a lovely meal and a couple glasses of wine and you know the bill is quite a bit,  offer to pick up part of it or pay the tip. Most of the time he will decline to let you but it goes a long way in showing how appreciative you are.

Now I know you were waiting for this one. We all know that men are more visually stimulated than most women, so of course, they are looking for that sex-appeal. The difficult thing is looking sexy without looking like you tried too hard or overdoing it. You don’t need to wear revealing clothing or a ton of make-up, most men like a more natural looking classic sexy thing happening rather than you’re headed straight to the club after your date. Wear an outfit that shows off your best assets or a color that makes your eyes pop, along with a little make-up to accent them, wear a nice perfume but nothing overwhelming, and just a pop of red, either on your lips or nails. All of these things convey sexiness without going overboard.

Make sure at the end of the date you thank him for such a good time and don’t be afraid to take the initiative to let him know that you would enjoy seeing him again!